New "MyClickUrban" App Helps Church Members Connect

It is time for church communications to move into the 21st century. One might say that this is gospel according to app creator Lasana Hotep, who along with his partners Alonzo Jones and James Lewis designed the new MyClickUrban.

This app will help churches members with similar interests reach out to each other and even provide information on recreational spots where the faithful can meet up.

MyClickUrban takes the legwork out of finding those church, cultural, educational, and grassroots events or healthy, exotic or ethnic cuisine for the most fastidious young (and not so young) professional looking for upliftment off the mainstream and popular paths. One only has to do one click to find what one needs, according to Hotep.

"I can't tell you how many times I've been home or have been traveling and looking for something to do," Hotep said. "Then I find out that there was a program given by an independent author, an artist had a showing or there was a spiritually uplifting program nearby. I was right in the area and didn't go to the lecture because I didn't know it was happening. This app allows you do find out what is going on by searching eight categories."

The iOS 5.1 or later app is being offered at no cost. Users can find and post everything from a concert at the Philadelphia megachurch like the Enon Tabernacle or Sharon Baptist church or a guest lecture by a well-known pastor, at a seminary like the Urban Theological Institute or a college campus.

The app was created back in December of last year. The co-founders initially targeted a couple of pilot cities before launching in Philadelphia recently. It is now available to also track events on the East Coast in New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Miami. In the Midwest the cities are Chicago and Detroit. In the Southwest and West Coast are Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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SOURCE: Philadelphia Tribune
Arlene Edmonds
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