6,000 Children Attend Marvin Sapp's "Back to School Rally"

The August 17 "Back To School Rally" held in Grand Rapids, MI has Pastor Marvin Sapp using words like "amazing" and epic" to describe it. On behalf of his charter school, Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Arts & Technology, the award-winning gospel singer sponsored an event that drew 6,000 kids and gave away 2,000 free backpacks filled with school supplies.

With the help of top-selling R&B boy group, "Mindless Behavior"--made up of tween heartthrobs Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal--who performed and distributed book bags, families came out to the campus of Sapp's Kingdom Square in droves.

"I wanted to do something different for our community and set a fire under our young people," he said in an interview with M Live News.

In his thinking, inviting a wildly popular mainstream boy band was the best way to grab the attention of neighborhood residents.

Though lots of good was done for families, make no mistake about it. Sapp's decision to reach outside the faith community for entertainment was a controversial one. One of the leader's supporters, Shawaun N'chelle Grayson, told Sapp via Facebook, "I caught so much flack from standing behind you on this one."

But, by now, Sapp is used to receiving "flack."

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
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