Happy Birthday Serita Jakes! Look What Bishop T.D. Jakes Gave to his Wife

45tgrdf10.jpgOn Sunday, August 18, at The Potter's House in Dallas, TX, an elaborate tribute was given to First Lady Serita Jakes in honor of her birthday.
Bishop TD Jakes, the proud and doting husband wants to make sure you get to see the gift he got for his lady love. So the mega pastor shared an image of him and the missus gazing at the mega oil painting he gave her.

Have you seen it yet?

Before unveiling the impressive work of art created by Frederick Hightower in front of the entire congregation Sunday, a box was lowered from the ceiling containing pearls--one for each year of her life.

Then, Jakes strutted onto the platform, sharing heartfelt words.

A 22-year-old boy who thought he was a man got a calling to be a leader, not only to the people that I saw, but to the people that I had yet to see. I knew that the calling was too much for me, too big for me, and I said 'God, you made a mistake when you called a guy like me to do something like this.'

I'm really gone need some real good help.

Thirty-something years later, I have been to the White House over and over again, traveled around the world, seen crowds so big that I couldn't even see the people way in the back, been written up in all types of magazines and papers, and all kinds of accolades and accomplishments, but what the world does not know is that I am everything I am because you love me.

After the CĂ©line Dion song he set up perfectly, "Because You Loved Me,"  was performed by a vocalist, Jakes expounded more upon his thoughts and why he chose a specific kind of gift to express his love.

Source: EEW Magazine 
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