New Life Presbyterian Church in South Fulton, Georgia Celebrates 25 Years

New Life Presbyterian Church, which is among the denomination's largest and fastest-growing black congregations, celebrated its 25th anniversary Aug. 18.

Staff / Katherine Frye From left, volunteers Corine Black and Amery Moorman receive help gathering food items from food pantry co-coordinator Dorothy Cochran last week at New Life Presbyterian Church in College Park.
The event's theme, Celebrating Our Heritage and Embracing Our Future, represented the church's history and its future with new pastor Billy Honor, according to founding member LaVances Givens,

Givens said the Rev. Billy Honor helped bring the church "into the 21st century," after replacing its 20-year pastor, the Rev. Lonnie Oliver, in 2010.

The quarter-century anniversary celebration began with a worship service at 10:30 a.m. followed by a 5 p.m. banquet and gala at the Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel featuring music, dancing and food.

Givens said the entertainment during the evening banquet highlighted the church's international aspects.

"Our [heritage] is very diverse," she said. "We've had many members from different countries."

Some of the congregation's 700 members showcased their talents by playing traditional African instruments like steel drums, Givens said. 

"We're also on a different page within our church," she said of the "future" facet of the anniversary celebration. "Pastor Honor has brought a lot of new members to our church, especially youth and young adults."

Honor said several changes have taken place during his tenure.

"In the past year we've done a great bit of ministry expansion," he said.

Honor said the church has incorporated new technology into its services.

"We have fully embraced visual media in our worship services and we currently have a fully functional website where individuals can listen to sermons," he said.

Source: Neighbor Newspapers | Christine Fonville
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