In Hot Pursuit: Are You a Relentless Person?

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I've always wanted more out of life than the average person.

It shows in the profession I chose, the passions that I pursue, and the plans I have for the future. My goal is to never stop getting better at what I do and to change as many lives as I can along the way.

I WILL change the financial lives of my followers for the better.

Relentless Pursuit of a Dream

Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle that never ends. But I see results that tell me I'm on the right track and spur me on to the next small victory, then another until they start turning into big wins. When will the really big wins start happening?

I don't know.

Maybe sooner, when I launch my upcoming online course. Maybe later, after I've been at this for another couple of years.

But I do know this: if I am relentless in my pursuit of changing the lives of people and their finances, the big wins will come.

How do I know this? Because I know a basic truth about winning. That truth is that relentless people get what they want.

Little Effort Gets Little Results

How many of you have dreamt a great idea, started exercising, or quit a bad habit, pursued that goal, then let your efforts wane after a short time?

I know, I've done it too - dozens, maybe hundreds of times.

What kinds of results did I see from those efforts? Little to none (as you would expect).

4 Requirements for Being Relentless

Why is it that so many things we start never amount to anything? It's because we don't relentlessly pursue them. What does it mean to relentlessly pursue a dream, an idea, a new habit, or a new life?

  • It means not giving up when things get stale or boring (they will at times, even if you're passionate)
  • It means facing the obstacles that inevitably get in the way in pursuit of something that will change your own life or change the world. Change is not easy.
  • It means being patient, knowing that if you consistently do everything you can to be successful at your goal, your time will come.
  • It means pursuing the goal even if others don't get it. Some may think your goal is crazy, stupid, or not worth it. But they're not you. They don't want what you want. Such relentless pursuit of a dream or goal makes people uncomfortable because it reveals a lack of relentlessness and passion in their own lives. Get around other people in relentless pursuit of something and you'll find people who understand and are willing to support your efforts.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk
Jason Cabler, Celebrating Financial Freedom
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