WATCH: Tyler Perry Takes the Stage at the Potter's House After MegaFest: Lays Hands on T.D. Jakes; Gives $1 Million to New Youth Ministry

Tyler Perry lays hands on T.D. Jakes
One day after MegaFest, movie producer Tyler Perry took the stage at the Potter's House in Dallas. He talked about how the God spoke to him to give $1 million to T.D. Jakes' new youth ministry, he spoke in tongues, and then prayed for and laid hands on T.D. Jakes.
Thanks to Twitter user Melissa Childs (@MacXpoze) for sharing this video.

Tyler Perry, you out-preached every other preacher at Whitney Houston's funeral, you have tried to preach the truth through many of your movies, you've given generously to many churches and good causes, you took the liberty to lay hands on one of the most prominent preachers in America in his own pulpit. Son, if you know God has called you to preach, then you need to stop messing around, accept that call to preach, and preach, black man, preach! If T.D. Jakes can preach and make movies on the side, then surely you can do the same. --BCNN1
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