Why It Is Appropriate for Stony Island to Be Renamed Bishop Arthur Brazier Avenue

The main street, Stony Island, will soon be renamed Bishop Arthur Brazier Avenue. It is not without controversy. Change is hard, even a street naming. This is not an honorary street naming it is a major street naming, where maps change, addresses of residences and businesses change and the postal data changes.
Many agree that  Bishop Brazier  should be memorialized but some disagree that it should be the main south side artery of Stony Island.  I think it is befitting.    Woodlawn and Dorchester are major streets in the area where Brazier served and lived his life.  Some say that his church is not located on Stony, therefore it is a mistake to name Stony after him.  His life's work was extensive and expansive and while the Woodlawn community had his signature work, the entire south side benefitted.   His work improved the City of Chicago. 

He engaged social change.  Today Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Is an American historic icon, but when he came here in 1964 he was called a "trouble maker" by the powers at hand.    Brazier was one of a precious few that helped King organized.  The work ultimately benefitted the entire city and lead to new opening housing laws. 

Brazier's Fight

Brazier fought to save Woodlawn from the expansion of The University of Chicago as they began to move across the midway.  Brazier had another vision.    His leadership as  a community organizer delivered a new politic.  He also fought the crime  of The Black Stone Rangers.  He was an authentic community organizer that fought  city hall, the university and the gang bangers.  He led the fight for the people.  He gave people voice.

 He became political yet never lost his spiritual focus.  He did right because it was right to do.  He was one that eventually politicians, white and black, went to for advice.  Business people went to him for support and advice.  He built the community making it attractive for banks, the university, schools the YMCA and even the CTA to come to Woodlawn.  His work is recognized as that of a model organizer.   He fought the good fight.  He united people, stake holders and made his case and went about his work.  He was a simple guy.  His career started as a postman, he attended Moody Bible School and he studied with Saul Alinsky.  He grew into a force from the ground up.    

He was a prince of a man, eloquent in his manner and firm in his approach.  When he spoke people listened.  He was a wonderful leader, approachable but always real, weighting the pros and cons of a situation.  He was a realist not an idealist.  He had his faith and he never waivered

Stony Island is a major artery on the South Side of Chicago.  Brazier was too, as he grew his church from 100 to 20,000.  He work was major and often his kind of work goes unnoticed.  He touched lives, he changed people, and he even saved a few.  His work wasn't for popularity because he wasn't always popular.  Some of his stances were proven to be right, as years came, but not at the time of his urging.  He was supportive, not just vocal but also with money.    He faced the challenges of his day face to face.    Fighting the gangs was not pretty work. There were no foundation grants and there were usually anti forces.  Brazier was basic.

Those that criticize,  I raise a simple question, what will they name after you?  Will it be a tree planted,  a school, a park, the street where you lived,  or the road that you traveled?   The question is not is Brazier worthy of Stony but is Stony worthy of Brazier.  Perhaps when you glance up and see the Brazier street sign, you will drive better or walk straighter because you are on  Brazier Avenue. 

Source: Chicago Now Magazine | Hermene Hartman
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