Fox News' Lauren Green Says 'Billy Graham's Message Is Still Current'

On Nov. 7, Fox News Channel will air the flagship program for My Hope America with Billy Graham at 10 p.m ET. Lauren Green, chief religion correspondent for the network, tells us why America should tune in, and why Billy Graham's message is still current.

Seventy years ago in Minneapolis, there was a new evangelist coming into town to preach. Ushers were needed at this revival meeting, and young mother Bessie Green was asked to help. She agreed, even though she, and many others, had not heard of him. The evangelist's message would change her life.

This evangelist's name?

Billy Graham. 

Now, Bessie's daughter, Lauren Green, is the chief religion correspondent on Fox News Channel. She has covered worldwide relgious events, such as the election of Pope Francis and the beatification of Pope John Paul II. She has participated in many religious panel discussions, and has interviewed various religious thought leaders on her program, Spirited Debate.

In 2007, Green covered the dedication of the Billy Graham Library. It was then she met the man used by God to impact the spiritual legacy of her family.

"On this trip, I really wanted more than anything to meet Billy Graham. Now I can at least say, I've met him. And I shall never forget the moment," she said. "He spoke so graciously, and made me feel as if the honor was his. That's indeed how he greets everyone. He is truly delighted to meet people and delighted that the message he's delivered for 60 years has helped them in their lives."

She has interviewed three generations of Grahams. During the same visit in 2007, she interviewed Franklin Graham, who took her on a tour of the Library. Very recently on her program, she interviewed Tullian Tchividjian--pastor, author, and Billy Graham's grandson. Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, has also appeared as one of Green's guests on the show.

So when The Cross, the flagship program for My Hope America With Billy Graham, came across her desk, she knew she had to watch it. 

The My Hope America program it is scheduled to air on Fox News Channel at 10 p.m. ET on Nov. 7. 

To her, the program delivers a message that is too important for today's Americans to miss.

"There is a whole generation--well, several generations--that have never heard Billy Graham, and have never been able to put his preaching into their context," she said.

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Joy Allmond
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