CNN Boss, Jeff Zucker, Shares About Living with his Disease--Bell's Palsy

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Four months into his tenure at CNN, Jeff Zucker woke up in his New York City apartment and realized that he couldn't move his face.
"You wake up and you look in the mirror and your face can't move and you think you had a stroke, and then you go to the emergency room and they diagnose it," Zucker told Capital during a wide-ranging interview.

Zucker was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy in June, a form of facial paralysis that renders affected people unable to control facial muscles on one side of their face.

"It's definitely better than it was, but I can't smile, I can't laugh, and I can't raise my forehead," Zucker said, noting that 98% of the time the symptoms disappear within three months. "I'm at 6 months," he added. "So, obviously, I'm an outlier in having it."

The diagnosis put a damper on what should have been a banner few months for the veteran media executive.

"This has been a great year and it's also been a challenging year personally," Zucker said. "It's getting a little better, but that's tempered the excitement that I have felt being here and it's been hard."

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SOURCE: Capital New York
Alex Weprin and Mike Allen
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