Georgetown University Hosts Conference on Christianity and Religious Freedom, Dec. 13-14, in Rome

Spread the word: Georgetown's Religious Freedom Project will be hosting a conference this weekend in Rome on religious freedom, and it will be broadcast LIVE right here on Aleteia.
From Cairo and Damascus to Tehran and Beijing, religious freedom is under siege. Ironically, it is Christianity--a faith that contributed decisively to the rise of religious liberty--that now finds itself increasingly persecuted around the world.

In view of this global crisis, the Religious Freedom Project at Georgetown University will host a two-day (December 13th and 14th) conference in Rome highlighting Christianity's contributions to the understanding and practice of freedom for all people. The conference will present findings from a two-year study by dozens of scholars concerning Christianity's contributions to freedom. This event is co-sponsored by Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion and is made possible by a generous grant from the Historical Society's Religion and Innovation in Human Affairs Program.

You will be able to watch the conference LIVE right here, so be sure to check back this Friday and Saturday!

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