Pastor Kirk Kirkland of Revive Baptist Church in Cincinnati Is Galvanizing his Church and Community to Get Young Black Men Back in Church, Back in Their Families, and Back to Work

Go to any black church on Sunday morning and there is a very good likelihood that you will find that over two-thirds of the members of any congregation will be women. That means that nearly 66 percent of our black men are A.W.O.L. (Absent without Leave), but where are they hiding?

Pastor Kirk Kirkland is the founder and lead pastor of Revive Baptist church.  He and his wife Karen with their two daughters, Kerigan and Kolbie.
A young congregation of spiritual pioneers lead by a passionate shepherd in the person of Pastor Kirk Kirkland has set out to bring back to the throne of grace the throngs of lost black male souls who have been cast asunder by a lack of jobs, an abundance of excessively expensive rental housing units, easy and addictive drugs, a revolving door prison system and a bankrupt mental illness bureaucracy. The urban pilgrims at Revive Baptist Church are working tirelessly in the inner-city of Cincinnati to place the welcome mat out to all black males locally to let them know that they are wanted.

In the spiritual warfare which shapes and colors the lives of the typical black male in American society today the Lord Jesus Christ himself is calling on all African-American men to return to their rightful place at the table of family with their women and children. The black men of Cincinnati need to know that GOD Almighty has ordained specific jobs for them in his church as Elders, Deacons, Fathers and Brothers.

One such local black male crusader who has heeded the call of mission at Revive Baptist Church is a young man in the person of Albert Horne. Mr. Horne is a 35-year old man who is struggling with the challenges of under-employment, insufficient educational credentials, a criminal record and alcohol issues.

Albert Horne is an example of one of the multitudes of lost male black souls in this country and one who has placed his faith in Christ Jesus through the ministry of Revive Baptist Church. Seeking refuge from the mean streets of Cincinnati, Mr. Horne has sought the support and assistance of the flock of believers under Pastor Kirkland and they have responded with transportation aid and job referral assistance.

Source: The Cincinnati Herald | Ken Spruce is the President and CEO of UMOJA Publishing Company and a Charter Member of Revive Baptist Church.

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