WATCH: Church Leaders and Community Leaders in Little Rock, Arkansas Are Calling for an Immediate End to the Gun Violence

A string of violent crime during Christmas week urged Little Rock church and community leaders to call for action from city officials. On Saturday, they called to "Stop the Violence."
The "Stop the Violence" movement began in the early 1990s when locals saw an increase in community crime.

"Since 1991, over 600 blacks have been killed by blacks in Little Rock," said Reverend Benny Johnson.

Three violent crimes occurred within five days this week in an area that is predominately African-American.

"Black lives mean something too, and we're losing black men at an alarming rate," Johnson said.

First, Monday's murder of Vercio Ingram by a 15-year-old, then Tuesday's murder of Austin Burks-who was shot multiple times, and then on Friday, a drive-by shooting on the corner of 25th and Lewis Streets. In Johnson's opinion, it's a matter of where the crimes have occurred.

"If these problems, no doubt in my mind, was going out in Chenal Valley or Plaza Heights, they'd shut this city down," he argued. "A few years back when a cat some up missing in the Heights area, they put Special Forces to find that cat. The mayor needs to get together with Chief Thomas and make sure the intercity is dealt with, too, just like any part of the city."

Source: THV 11 | Macy Jenkins
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