If You Can Knock on Doors for Obama and Romney,
You Can Knock on Doors for Jesus
by BCNN1 Editors

If Christians showed the same enthusiasm and excitement for the Lord as they showed for their political candidate, we can win more people to Christ, help change more lives permanently, build more churches, and make the world a better place.

Election seasons are always an exciting time in our country. Millions of people get motivated by the speeches, slogans, and campaign ads of the candidate they support. They are eager to attend rallies, volunteer at local campaign offices, hit the streets to pass out literature promoting their candidates' views, knock on doors and register people to vote, and arrange for transportation to get others out to the polls. The sad thing about this is that many of these people are Christians, and these Christians show more enthusiasm for a sinful, human, lying politician than they do for Jesus Christ. Click here to continue reading.